Holy Days and Holidays

*Begins at sundown
**Local or regional customs may use a variation of this date. 

August 2023 - July 2024


August  1: Lughnasadh - Wiccan/Neo-pagan - Celebration of midpoint between solstice and equinox marking first harvest.*

August  13: Obon begins - Buddhist/Shinto - Japanese Buddhist festival to honor ancestors. **

August  16: Obon ends - Buddhist/Shinto

August  15: Assumption of Mary - Catholic Christian - Celebration of assumption of Mary into heaven. Holy day of obligation for Catholics. 

August  30: Raksha Bandhan - Hindu - Festival honoring family ties between brothers and sister. **


September 6: Krishna Janmashtami  - Hindu - Festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu. He exhorted the epic poem “Gita” to Arjun. **

September 11: Paryushana Parva begins - Jain - Eight-day Jain festival of devotion.*

September  15: Erev Rosh Hashanah  - Jewish - Eve of the Jewish New Year and beginning of High Holy Days (begins at sundown).* 
September  16 & 17: Rosh Hashanah  - Jewish - New Year.*

September 18: Ganesh Chaturthi - Hindu - Festival honoring Lord Ganesh. **

September 18: Paryushana Parva ends - Jain
September  18: Fast of Gedaliah - Jewish - Day of fasting marking the assassination of Gedaliah, the Governor of Judea, following the Babylonian conquest.*

September  23: Mabon - Wiccan/Neo-pagan - Observance of autumn equinox and harvest festival.*

September 24 & 25: Yom Kippur - Jewish - Day of atonement, observed with fasting. (begins at sundown Oct September 23)*
September 27: Mawlid al-Nabi - Islam - The day that commemorates the birth of the last Prophet of Islam, Muhammad c. 570 CE (begins sundown September 26)*

September  29: Birth of Confucius - Observed in religious traditions emanating from China. 

September 30: Sukkot begins - Jewish - Eight-day remembrance of God’s protection during time in the wilderness. Observed by eating in a temporary hut called a “sukkah” (begins at sundown Sept. 29. 8, concludes Oct. 6).*


October  6: Shemini Atzeret  - Jewish - Eight-day festival connected to Sukkot (begins at sundown Sept 29).*

October  7: Simchat Torah - Jewish - Day of rejoicing to celebrate the yearly completion of reading the whole Torah (begins at sundown Oct. 6).*
October 9: Indigenous People's Day -  Interfaith celebration of cultural heritage of indigenous peoples of Western hemisphere. 
October  24: Dussehra - Hindu - Celebration of the victory of Lord Rama over demon Ravan. Also known as Vijayadashami. 
October 15:  Navaratri begins - Hindu - Nine-night festival worshiping different forms of the Goddess Shakti. **

October  17: Birth of Bahá'u'lláh  - Bahá’í - Commemoration of the birth of Bahá›u›lláh (translated ‘Glory of God’), the Prophet-Founder of the Bahá’í faith*

October  24: Navaratri ends - Hindu **

October  20: Installation of Scriptures as Guru Granth Sahib - Sikh - Installation of the Guru Granth Sahib. Recognition of Sikh sacred writings as the final, eternal guru. 

October  31: All Hallows Eve  - Christian - Celebration derived from Celtic Samhain, beginning two-day remembrance of the dead. 


November  1: All Saints Day  - Christian - Celebration of lives of the saints. Holy day of obligation for Catholics. 

November  1: Samhain  - Wiccan/Neo-pagan - Observance of midpoint between equinox and solstice, descent into depths of winter.*

November  2: All Souls Day  - Catholic Christian - Celebration of lives of the saints. Holy day of obligation for Catholics. 

November 12: Diwali  - Hindu - Jain - Sikh - The main day of the five-day festival of lights, celebration of light over darkness, new beginnings and triumph of goodness. **
November 12: Bandi Chorr Divas - Sikh - Celebration of the release of Guru Hargobind from wrongful imprisonment.
November  26: Day of the Covenant  - Bahá’í - The day when Bahá'ís celebrate the appointment of `Abdu'l-Bahá as the Centre of Bahá'u'lláh’s Covenant.*

November  26: Christ the King - Christian - Festival celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church in honor of Jesus Christ as Lord over all creation. 

November  28: Ascension of `Abdu'l-Bahá - Bahá’í - Commemoration of the ascension of `Abdu'l-Bahá who died on Nov. 28, 1921, in Haifa, Palestine (now Israel).*

November  27: Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib - Sikh - Birth of the founder and first guru of the Sikh faith. 


December  6: Saint Nicholas Day  - Christian - Feast of saint popularly known as Santa Claus for his generosity. 

December  7: Chanukah begins - Jewish - Eight-night Jewish festival of lights remembering Maccabean victory and rededication of Temple in 165 BCE.

December  8: Bodhi Day - Buddhist - Celebration of beginning of path to enlightenment of the Buddha. 

December  8: Immaculate Conception of Mary  - Catholic Christian - Catholic day of celebrating the belief that Mary, mother of Jesus, was preserved from original sin all of her life. Holy day of obligation. 

December  12: Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe  - Catholic Christian - Catholic celebration of Mary as patron saint of Mexico. 

December  15: Hanukkah ends - Jewish

December  16: Posadas Navideñas begins - Christian - Mexican Catholic reenactment of journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. 

December  21: Yule  - Wiccan/Neo-pagan - Observance of rebirth of the sun after longest night of winter.*

December  22: Fast of Tevet - Jewish - Day of mourning and repentance marking the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem. In recent years, it also is a day of remembrance for the victims of the Holocaust.*

December  23: HumanLight - Secular celebration of humanist vision of peace and goodwill among all. 

December  24: Posadas Navideñas ends  

December  24: Christmas Eve - Christian - Eve of traditional Western date observing birth of Christ in 12-day festival lasting to Epiphany. 

December  25: Christmas  - Christian - Traditional Western date observing birth of Christ in 12-day festival lasting to Epiphany.*

December  26: Zarathosht Diso  - Zoroastrian - Death of founding prophet Zarathushtra. **

December  26: Kwanzaa begins - Weeklong celebration of African American life and cultural heritage. 

December  30: Holy Family - Catholic Christian - Catholic celebration of the love between the family of Jesus. 

December  31: Watch Night  - Christian - Ritual service of preparation for the year to come. 


January   1: Mary, Mother of God  - Catholic Christian - Catholic day of prayer and thanksgiving to Mary, mother of Jesus. 

January  1: Gantan-sai  - Shinto - New Year festival. Also known as Shogatsu. 

January  1: Kwanzaa ends

January  2: Feast Day of St. Basil - Orthodox Christian - Celebration of defender of orthodoxy Basil of Caesarea. 
January  6: Epiphany  - Christian - Festival celebrating the revelation of God in Jesus and the visit of the sages to the Christ child. 
January  7: Baptism of the Lord Jesus - Christian - Commemoration of the beginning of the public ministry of Jesus. 
January  9: Afterfeast of the Nativity - Orthodox Christian - Traditional celebration of Christmas for Eastern Orthodox Christians. 

January  15: Maghi  - Sikh - Commemoration of the 40 martyrs (Chalis Mukte) who died fighting the Mughal army with Guru Gobind Singh in 1705 CE. 

January  15: Makar Sankranti - Hindu - Festival honoring the Sun, the main source of energy to our planet. 

January  17: Guru Gobindh Singh Jayanti - Sikh - Celebration of the birth of the final human guru of the Sikh faith. 

January  18: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins  - Christian - Seven days of ecumenical prayer. 

January  25: Tu BiSh'vat  - Jewish - Celebration of the New Year of the Trees (begins at sundown Jan. 24).*


February  1: Imbolc - Wiccan/Neo-pagan - Feast of waxing light, midpoint between solstice and equinox.*

February  2: Candlemas - Christian - Celebration of the presentation of Jesus in the temple. New beginnings are recognized. 

February  3: Setsebun-sai - Shinto - Celebration of approach of spring as invitation to good fortune. 

February  3: Four Chaplains Interfaith Sunday - Interfaith - Commemoration of the event in World War II when four Chaplains of Jewish and Christian traditions (Catholic and Protestant) gave their life jackets to others as a troop ship sank in the Atlantic Ocean. 

February 7: Lailat al Miraj  - Islam - The day that commemorates the Prophet Muhammad's nighttime journey, in 622 CE, to Heaven to meet with God and to meet with his fellow Prophets like Abraham and Moses.*
February 10: Chinese New Year - Chinese traditional - Beginning of Chinese celebration of a new year for people of all religions. 
February  13: Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras - Christian - Day of preparation for Lent, observed by feasting and carnival activities. 
February 14: Vasant Panchami - Hindu - Festival honoring Saraswati, goddess of learning, wisdom, music and art. **
February  14: Ash Wednesday - Christian - First of 40 days of Western Christian penitential observance of Lent. 

February  14: St. Valentine's Day - Christian - Festival of love loosely connected to Christian saint. 

February  15: Nirvana Day - Buddhist - Jain - Commemoration of passing into Nirvana of the Buddha . **

February 24: Magha Puja Day  - Buddhist - Commemoration of presentation of Buddha to the world. **
February 24 & 25: Lailat al Bara'ah  - Islam - Optional Night of prayer.*

February 26:  Ayyam-i-Ha begins - Bahá’í - Intercalary Days is a period dedicated to socializing, being hospitable, giving generously to the poor and needy, and preparing for the upcoming month of fasting. 

February 29: Ayyam-i-Ha ends - Bahá’í

MARCH 2024

March  1: Bahá’í Fasting begins  - Bahá’í - Abstain from food and drinks between sunrise and sunset. 
March 8: Maha Shivaratri  - Hindu - Festival in honor of Lord Shiva. **
March 10: Ramadan begins  - Islam - Muslim Holy month of daily fasting (dawn to sunset) and nightly prayers (begins at sundown March 9).*
March  17: St. Patrick's Day  - Christian - Celebration of Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland. 

March  19: Bahá’í Fasting ends  - Bahá’í - Abstain from food and drinks between sunrise and sunset. 

March  19: St. Joseph's Day   - Christian - Celebration of St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus. 

March  19: Ostara  - Wiccan/Neo-pagan - Spring equinox festival celebrating reawakening.*
March  20: Naw-Rúz  - Bahá’í - New Year (176 Bahá’í Era). 
March 21: Feast of Esther - Jewish - Day preceding Purim that commemorates the fast Esther requested the Jewish people observe in preparation of her going to see the King uninvited.*
March  24: Orthodox Sunday - Orthodox Christian - First Sunday of Lent. Restoration of icons to the church is celebrated. 
March  24: Purim  - Jewish - Holiday marking deliverance from Haman's genocidal plot against Jewish people in ancient Persia as related in Book of Esther (begins at sundown March. 23).*
March 24: Palm Sunday  - Christian - Beginning of Western Christian Holy Week, also known as Palm Sunday of the Passion. 
March  25: Holi  - Hindu - Colorful festival of spring. **
March 25- 27: Hola Mohalla  - Sikh - Begins on the first day of the lunar month of Chet in the Nanakshahi calendar and follows the Hindu festival of colors, Holi. 

March  25: Feast of the Annunciation - Christian - Commemorates the visit of the archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. 

March 28: Maundy Thursday - Christian - Remembrance of Christ’s last supper. First day of the Sacred Triduum. 

March 29: Good Friday  - Christian - Remembrance of the crucifixion and death of Christ. Second day of the Sacred Triduum. 

March 30: Holy Saturday - Christian - Day of vigil culminating in observance of resurrection of Christ. Third day of the Sacred Triduum. 
March 31: Easter Sunday  - Christian - Feast of resurrection of Christ.*

APRIL 2024

April 5: Laylat al Kadr The Night of Destiny ends - Islam
April 6: Laylat al Kadr The Night of Destiny begins - Islam - Muslim commemoration of the Holy Night, in Ramadan, when the Qur`an was revealed (begins at sundown May 1). It can fall on any of the last 10 nights of Ramadan, and these nights are spent in worship, prayers and supplications. This night is also when the destiny of all things is determined for the coming year.*
April  9: Hindu New Year  - Hindu**
April 9: Chaitra Navaratri begins - Hindu - Nine-day festival that signifies the victory of good over evil. 
April 10:  Eid al Fitr – End of Ramadan  - Islam - Muslim  celebration showing gratitude for a successful completion of fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan The day begins with a distribution of charity to the needy the night before, followed by morning prayer services the next day and gatherings with family, friends, and relatives. *
April  13: Baisakhi  - Sikh - Commemorates the day in 1699 that Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the 10th Guru, removed the clerical system from Sikhism and affirmed the direct connection between Sikhs and the Divine. 
April 17:  Ramanavami  - Hindu - Celebration of the birth of Lord Rama, seventh incarnation of Vishnu. **
April 17: Chaitra Navaratri ends - Hindu
April  20: First Day of Ridván - Bahá’í - Celebrate the day Bahá’u’lláh arrived at the Garden of Ridván.*
April  21: Mahavir Jayanti - Jain - Birth of founder of Jain tradition Mahavira 540 BCE. **
April 22: Passover begins - Jewish - Eight-day commemoration of freedom of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery (begins with First Seder at sundown April 5; Second Seder begins at nightfall March 6; holiday concludes at nightfall April 13).*
April  24: Hanuman Jayanti - Hindu - Festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Sri Hanuman. **
April  27: Lazarus Saturday  - Orthodox Christian - Feast commemorating the raising of Lazarus by Jesus Christ. 

April  28: Palm Sunday - Orthodox Christian

April  30: Passover ends - Jewish

April  29: Ninth Day of Ridván  - Bahá’í - Celebrates the day Bahá’u’lláh declared the Mission and Purpose of the Bahá’í Faith. 

MAY 2024

May  1: Beltane - Wiccan/Neo-pagan - Celebration of midpoint between equinox and solstice, celebrating Earth’s fertility.*

May  2: 12th day of Ridván  - Bahá’í - Commemoration of the day Bahá’u’lláh departed from the Garden of Ridván and continued His exile.*

May 3: Holy Friday  - Orthodox Christian - Anniversary of the death of Christ, as commemorated by Orthodox Christians. 
May 5: Pascha (Easter)  - Orthodox Christian - Celebration of the resurrection of Christ, beginning at midnight. 
May 6: Yom HaShoah  - Jewish - Holocaust Remembrance Day (begins at sundown May 5).

May 12: Yom HaZikaron - Jewish - Honors Israeli soldiers who have died in combat and civilian victims of terrorism.*

May 14: Yom Ha'atzmaut -  - Isreal's Independence Day*
May 15: Buddha’s Birthday - Buddhist - Celebrates the Birth of Shakyamuni Buddha. Also known as Vesak.*

May  19: Pentecost - Christian - Celebration of the descent of Holy Spirit upon followers of Christ. 

May  23: Declaration of the Báb  - Bahá’í - Celebration of the day when The Báb announced He was "the bearer of a Divine Revelation which would prepare humanity for the advent of the Promised One of all religions."*

May 26: Lag B'Omer - Jewish - Celebration of the 33 day of counting the Omer, a 49-day period between Pesach and Shavout (begins at sundown May 25).*
May 26: Trinity Sunday  - Christian - Honors the belief in one God with a threefold nature. 
May  28: Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh - Bahá’í - Commemoration of the ascension of Bahá'u'lláh, the Prophet-Founder of the Bahá’í faith.*

JUNE 2024

June 13: Shavuot - Jewish - Festival of receiving the Torah at Mt. Sinai (begins at sundown May 16, concludes at nightfall June 11).*

June  23: Pentecost  - Orthodox Christian - Celebration of the descent of Holy Spirit upon followers of Christ.

June  21: Litha - Wiccan/Neo-pagan - Summer Solstice.*

June 16: Day of Arafah Hajj - Islam - Day of assembly on the plain of Arafah in Hajj. Optional day of fasting for nonpilgrims. *

June  17: Eid al Adha begins - Islam - Muslim celebration honoring the spiritual sacrifice of his son by prophet Abraham. *

JULY 2024


July 23: Fast of Tammuz - Jewish - Commemoration of the breach of the walls of Jerusalem by the Romans.*

July  9: Martyrdom of the Báb  - Bahá’í - The Báb, forerunner of Bahá’u’lláh, was publicly executed for announcing the nearing arrival of the Promised One and the prophesied dawn of a new day.*

July 8: Hijra New Year

July 17: Ashura  - Islam - Muslim commemoration of Prophet Moses delivering his people from Pharaoh (a day of optional fasting accompanied with a day of fasting before and/or after) and of trials endured by leaders among Prophet Muhammad’s family.*

August 12: Fast of Tisha Be'Av - Jewish - Fast day mourning the destruction of both Temples in Jerusalem and other devastation in Jewish history.*

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